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Ultrasonic cut-off unit

Ultrasonic cut-off unit
Ultrasonic cut-off unit

Unit for transverse cutting of confectionery with ultrasonic knives.

Ultrasonic guillotine cutting for transversal cutting of formed confectionery layers provides cutting quality for sticky, soft in structure products.

The design of guillotine cutting uses special titanium alloy knives and ultrasonic boosters for them with ultrasound generators.

Ultrasonic cutting is mainly used for those confectionery products where it is impossible to use a standard knife.

Types of confectionery products where this type of guillotine is used:

1. Toffees

2. Souffle, sweets “Ptichye moloko”

3. Croquant, Brittles

4. Pastille, marmalade

5. Gummy candies